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What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room or Room Escape is a game in which the ultimate goal is always to escape using skill and intelligence but never physical strength.
Normally this mission is themed and to advance in the story you will have to decipher puzzles and solve riddles related to the main plot.
In more modern games this concept can change more towards a live graphical adventure where the objective is different from escaping and becomes another type of mission like finding a treasure.

Escape Room


An escape room is an incredible form of leisure that has come to revolutionize leisure ✊.

You no longer have to live the adventures from behind a screen📺 while watching a movie. The time has come to take the reins and get into the movie.

Gather your team 🤜🤛 and LIVE the experience from within.

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a game in real life where you go with your friends and you have one hour to get a challenge.

It's practically like living a movie in the first person, depending on the theme of the escape room you will have some tests to do or others.

No we are talking about only tests, we are talking about:

  • Live an adventure in the first person 🤠
  • Incredible and realistic setting 🛕
  • Special effects to catch you 💥.
  • Surround sounds 🚨.
  • Adrenaline and fun in abundance 🤪.
  • Strong emotions: Especially in horror and tension escape rooms 👻.

What is the best escape room?

We have 5 escape games and we are always building new adventures. For us it is very difficult to find the best escape room we have.

But we have tried to be objective and make a list based on our customer reviews and the awards we have received. And we have obtained a ranking of the best escape rooms which is also very logical, the newest are the ones with the best scores.

  • Tomb Hunter: Akasha 🐍 : 6 best game in the world and 4 national awards.
  • Alien: The Origin 👽 : 2 consecutive years among the best in the world and national awards.
  • Jurassic Land 🦖: Nominated for best setting in Spain in 2017.


These games are called by various names throughout the world, you can correctly say Escape Room, Room Escape, Escape Game or Quest.
At Escape Barcelona we believe that the most correct way to call it is Escape Room, since that is how they are called in native English-speaking countries,
in eastern countries they are called Quest, although it is because they are more adventures than normal Games..
In no case should it be called ESCAPE (it is a trademark registered by us) much less SCAPE ROOM,ROOM SCAPE or SKP (misspellings)

It is the correct name and the most used worldwide. It is true that there are many other names that we will see below that may be correct and used in some countries but the The most widespread worldwide is the ESCAPE ROOM

Room Escape was widely used at the beginning when this type of games began to be set up throughout the Spanish geography. It could be grammatically correct, but the generalized use in English-speaking countries the correct term escape room means that it has been discarded.

Game Escape or Escape Game

Game Escape or Escape Game is a name widely used in other countries to name this type of game. Think that the current name is getting more and more and smaller since before it was simply escaping a room and each time they are incredible experiences where the term escaping from the room falls far short of defining what it is.

Quest room or Quests is a name widely used in Russia and in Soviet countries. Quest means adventure in English and since escape rooms are evolving into incredible adventures where many times the objective is no longer to escape, we think that the name quest to define an escape room of 2020 is totally correct.

Adventures room could be a correct name if we let ourselves be carried away by its only meaning, but the reality is that this name is not used. Despite the fact that many of today's escapes are indeed single or multi-room adventures, this name is not used

With the name of the room escapes there are many misspellings, they are incorrect and we should not use these words.

Escape Room o Room Escape

Ideal number of players

Groups of different sizes can participate in this activity, the normal thing in Barcelona is that the games are for groups of 2-6 people.
With few exceptions like our games JURASSIC LAND and ALIEN ESCAPE ROOM intended for larger groups of 4-10 Players.

Room Escape for couples

We can offer you several escapes for couples, but if we have to choose one especially, we recommend the 6 BEST ESCAPE ROOM IN THE WORLD

Escape room for large groups

We have 2 games that allow up to 10 players: JURASSIC LAND and ALIEN: THE ORIGIN. But if you have to choose one for a group of more than 8 players, we recommend THE BEST ESCAPE ROOM

Ideal group to play

The ideal group to play almost any escape room is 4 people, but we always recommend letting the creators guide you, since they have more information than anyone else.

Team Building

Duration of an Escape Game

The normal duration of this type of quests is 60 minutes, although there are some exceptions where you can play up to 80-90 minutes, from Escape Barcelona We consider that the ideal duration is 60 minutes or as we do in our latest experiences, which do not have a defined time, since the experience adapts to the player.

Rules of an Escape Game

Normally in the Escape Room we have a series of rules:
-Do not use force, everything that does not open easily does not open that way.
-Do not use anything from outside, including mobile phones.

Tips for a Room Escape

These are our tips for playing a Room Escape in Barcelona:
-Communicate everything you find even if you think it's useless, maybe someone needs it later.
-Divide the tasks. In case you have a lot of things to do, create mini teams and solve different puzzles.
-Think logically, everything in an Escape Room should have a logic, follow it.
-If there is something strange in the room, something that does not fit there will probably be for something.
-Let the Game Master help you, no one better than him knows how you are doing in the story and if you need help.

Tips para Escapar

Theme Escape Rooms

In Escape Barcelona we have 5 different Escape Rooms in Barcelona, but the themes for creating an escape game can be infinite, as many stories as you can imagine in your head.

Any adventure game with styles similar to Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider where the entire experience revolves around adventure would fall into this category. We can offer you: The Lost Temple and Akasha

Spaceships, aliens, organisms that chase you on supposedly uninhabited moons. Normally these games are very technological since you will spend a lot of time in a spaceship. We have the winner of many awards: Alien

If you like the Egyptian gods, the pyramids and the ancient enigmas behind the Egyptians, these are your games: The Pharaoh's Curse and Tomb Hunter

Games where dinosaurs are the main protagonist inspired by movies like Jurassic Park™. Normally familiar: Jurassic Land

Horror Escape Room

These games make you live the experience to the limit and thanks to the great intensity with which we live the game. We have two tense games that are not quite terror Akasha and Alien

For Game World Barcelona we created the Zombie escape room official Resident Evil 2

Temáticas Escape

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