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Room Escape La Maldición del Faraón

“The hour that flew by”

TripAdvisor Room Escape

This is the first time we play a Escape Room and we are hooked. One hour of hectic team effort: decrypting the codes, no stone left uninspected, and sweating to find the solution. The setting is amazing, everything was very well explained to us and we enjoyed it a lot. We will come back for sure, this time to attempt The Lost Temple!

Room Escape El Templo Perdido

“Amazing Setting”

TripAdvisor Juego de Escape

We are a group of friends who have played some Room Escapes in Barcelona and without a doubt this is our favorite. Great setting and enigmas with logic! Their next one is available and we will visit it shortly!

Juego de Escape La Maldición del Faraón

“Very cool!”

We went with two friends, for one of them it was his first room escape experience. We did the Pharaoh’s Curse. Very good setting and amazing game. We are looking forward to visiting their second room.

Juego de Escape El Templo Perdido

“Super Fun!”

We had a great time amongst friends. The puzzles are very well thought out. We played The Lost Temple 

Escape Rpoom La Maldición del Faraón

“Astounding Room Escape!”

We chose this game because we thought the theme was interesting and indeed it was. We were so entertained the hour just flew by. We thought it was innovative and different. We were treated very nicely. We left very happy.

Escape Room El Templo Perdido

“Highly recommended!”

We have been to the two games, the temple and the curse. Both of them we have loved, the setting is amazing. We have done over 12 escape rooms and this last one, the temple, has positively surprised us, very very good enigmas that we hadn’t seen anywhere else! We highly recommend it without a doubt.